Everyone is a patient at some time or another during the course of life, and we all want good medical care. We assume that doctors are all medical experts and that there is good research behind all their decisions.

But that can't always be the case.

Physicians are smart, knowledgeable, well trained and do their best to stay up to date with the latest research. But it is not practically manageable for them to apply in depth research and statistical analysis for every patient that they encounter, because they don't have all necessary information at their fingertips all the time. P2P will not replace their judgments but rather would assist in making the most appropriate decision for every individual.

The base of every disease is either heredity or the way you manage your lifestyle and your dietary habits. That's why P2P analyzes your family history, your lifestyle and dietary habits and gives you prediction about your futuristic health, making that piece of information available that will help you live stronger and survive better in the coming years.


  • Increases the accuracy of diagnoses.
  • Helps in preventive medicine and public health
  • Pre identified alerts
  • Trends of health records
  • Track patient progress
  • Easy access of patient data from anywhere
  • Increases quality care
  • Patient loyalty
  • Saves time
  • Tele-Medicine/Tele-consulting

  • Corporates!!

    PMA will help Corporates analyze the health risk profile of their employees within different age groups.

    Using Predictive Medical Analysis, an employer can estimate the top 10 percentile of his employees who are at high risk and need immediate attention. Also, it gives information about the percentile of people in good health and prone to move from good to average. This information can be used in allocating work goals to employees as research says that healthy people work with higher efficiencies resulting in more productivity than less healthier ones.

    Insurance Firms!!

    A big time challenge faced by almost all health insurers is the falsification of documentation submitted by policy holders at the time of taking insurance. Pre requisite to PMA is digitization of health records which does not leave any scope of manual intervention in projecting the health status of the person. Thus eliminating false documentation by root itself.Also, basis current and futuristic health alerts generated as a part of Computerized Predictive Medical Analysis report, insurance companies can gauge the would be risks in the health pattern of their policy holders.

    In short, Predictive Medical Analysis is used in appraising and controlling risk in underwriting,pricing, rating, claims,marketing and reserving in insurance sector.


    Preventive Medical Analysis will help in capturing the health data of each child digitally from a very young age. PMA report is based on vitals, heredity and lifestyle. Thus at a very nascent stage the parents will know what kind of diseases the child may encounter in the future and so what lifestyle and dietary habits should he adopt. The school along with children and their parents will be more cautious and more informed thereby making the right decisions. This will awaken health consciousness amongst children.

    By doing PMA, Schools will be able to promote holistic development of the children which will include education, social values and good health. PMA can provide the schools with health profile of their children; this will facilitate early intervention and prevention of medical issues, thereby promoting schools that foster enhanced quality of life.

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