Let’s Move Towards Digital Health!!
Digitize all your health data

We digitize your medical records which is not merely a .pdf or an edoc, but a computerized report that is readable and easily understandable. Major significant data points which are of concern are auto highlighted andtrend of the same can be viewed.

Price: INR 1000/-

Validity: 1 Year

Predictive Medical Analysis Future of your health!!

Predictive Medical Analysis extends the scope of a health check-up with in-depth clinical analysis. PMA uses technology, algorithm and statistical methods to search through massive amounts of information, analyzing it to predict outcomes for individual.

You will have to become better informed and aware of possible personal health risks sooner due to alerts from Predictive Medical Analysis (PMA). With early intervention, many diseases can be prevented or ameliorated. PMA, particularly within the realm of genomics, will allow physicians to identify at-risk patients within their practice. With that knowledge, you can make lifestyle changes to avoid risks. As lifestyles change, population disease patterns may dramatically change, resulting savings in medical costs.

Price: INR 2500/-

Validity: 1 Year


Explore the application of nutrition to treat your health problems and prevent from diseases. This can be range from changes in diet and lifestyle to providing specialized plans for Diabetes, Heart disease, Weight management, Hypothyroidism, PCOD, and Hypertension etc. We plan lifestyle strategies and therapeutic nutrient intervention to correct nutritional insufficiencies; promote optimal health and prevent, manage or correct medical problems.

The clinical nutrition care program

These programs offer a unique approach depending upon your individual needs and current health status. Our nutritionist will customize your program to meet your requirements and help you achieve sustainable results.

Weight Loss Program

Duration: 12 weeks

Therapeutic Wellness Program

Duration : 5 weeks

  • Healthy and easy to follow plans every week
  • Comprehensive predictive medical analysis (PMA) & report
  • Analysis of report for future risks for developing diabetes, heart diseases, cancer
  • Personalized & lifestyle modification plan so that you can get result you want
  • Lose an average of 1.5-2 lbs(600 gm – 1 kg)*per week
  • Regular consultations and support with dietitian by phone and email

*Results may wary from person to person

  • One-on-one nutrition plan and lifestyle modification promoting improved your health
    and well-being.
  • Our experienced nutritionist will help you holistically understand your current health
    challenge and provide diet plan.

Conditions that we can help with include:

  • - Diabetes Care (Blood sugar decline by 25% - 30%)*
  • - Cholesterol management
  • - Kidney health
  • - PCOD
  • - Thyroid
  • - Hypertension

INR 7500/-

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INR 2500/-

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