Predict 2 Protect

"eMediWorld Lifescience" is a pioneer in healthcare industry providing Predictive and Preventive healthcare analytics, thereby making people more aware and informed with regards to their health. In this endeavor, we have introduced our flagship product "Predict 2 Protect".

P2P is our in-house “Health Analytics” tool which is based on clinical algorithms defined by our expert team of experienced doctors. P2P uses statistical methods to search through massive amount of information, analysing it to predict outcomes for individuals. The output of this tool is a Predictive Medical Analysis Report (PMA report).

Predictive Medical Analysis is an extension of your regular health check-up. Your PMA report will give you your current and futuristic health alerts with different health trends, thus empowering you to take charge of your health. The first step of PMA is Digitization.

Predictive Medical Analysis will change our ability to better measure, aggregate, and make sense of previously hard-to-obtain or non-existent behavioral, psychosocial and biometric data.

Although Digitization is a part of PMA, it can be done independently as well.

We Digitize…You Go Paperless!

  • We digitize your health information and medical records
  • Keep track of all your health records
  • View trends of your health parameters
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Connect easily with your doctor
  • Helps to get 2nd opinion, worldwide easily
  • Easy online consultation with your doctor
  • Reduce time in juggling with medical files.
  • Life time account access
  • SMS notification for follow up and test reminder

Predictive Medical Analysis Future of your health

  • An extension of your regular health checkup.
  • Predict the unknown from the known.
  • Know your immediate and futuristic health risk.
  • Help you to make faster and more informed medical decisions.
  • Health risk assessed by computerized Clinical Algorithm.
  • Become paperless, all your health records accessible online.
  • Easy access of your health records by your preferred doctor.
  • Helps to save your and your doctors time.



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